Terms & Conditions

PRICING – All prices quoted are in £ GBP excluding VAT

DELIVERY – Orders above £1000 include delivery to GB mainland as well as NI and ROI. Orders can be combined to reach the stated carriage paid value, however, delivery of orders below the threshold will incur a carriage charge of £60.

Delivery will be undertaken by any method of transport at the Company’s option.

Orders should be emailed to [email protected] only and no responsibility will be taken by us for any delays or mistakes arising from the order being sent to any other email address.

ORDER ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS – Order acknowledgements are prepared and sent by email and are there to ensure that the customer’s purchase order has been correctly interpreted. It is the responsibility of the retailer to check and verify the precision of the acknowledgement and to advise, in writing, of any errors within 10 days.

The Company reserves the right to cancel the order or suspend delivery if it is unable, for any reason, to execute the order, either wholly or in part.

LEAD TIMES – These are given in good faith and every effort will be employed to ensure they will be as accurate as possible, but they are estimates However, sometimes and due to unforeseen circumstances, shipments can be delayed. In these instances, we regret that we are unable to accept cancellations or consider claims for compensation.

As many items are produced on a Made To Order basis, it should be noted that lead times can and do vary depending on various factors, not least the availability of materials required for the execution of the particular order.

VARIATIONS – The Company reserves the right to alter, amend or modify the specifications of goods without prior notice.

FAILURE TO TAKE DELIVERY OF GOODS – If, after a delivery has been agreed with the Buyer, the Buyer subsequently refuses delivery, a charge of up to £100 may be levied by the Company to help defray its aborted delivery costs.

ORDER CANCELLATIONS – Orders may be cancelled without penalty at any point up to 10 days from the date stated on the order acknowledgement. Cancellations should be requested by the Buyer in writing and confirmed by the Company in writing. Any goods subject to unsuccessful cancellation requests will have to be paid for by the Buyer. Please note that this cancellation policy also applies to items ordered as replacements.

FAULTY PRODUCT CANCELLATIONS – In the event a Made To Order product (forming part of a larger order of two or more Made To Order items) is cancelled due to it being faulty or deemed impossible to repair, it is expressly not permitted for the other products also to be cancelled.

By the very definition, Made To Order products are not stocked. Neither are any two Made To Order products identical.

ERRORS OR SHORTAGES – On receipt of the goods, the Buyer must check that they are undamaged and in accordance with the Company’s delivery note, before signing for The signature of the Buyer or of an authorised person signing on their behalf or the signature of a Buyer’s customer will be regarded as proof of delivery.

Any claims for non-delivery must be reported by the Buyer to the Company in writing within 7 days from the date of invoice.

CLAIMS FOR DAMAGED GOODS – Please note that only written claims can be Damages correctly reported to us within 5 days of delivery will normally be seen as our responsibility. Damages reported after this period will normally be seen to be the responsibility of the Buyer. Minor or cosmetic damage can be easily rectified, and this will always be the most expedient solution. Buyers are urged to ensure that the goods have been checked over thoroughly prior to being delivered to the consumer. With agreement, a qualified technician can be appointed to rectify any issues; the cost of any remedial work to be borne by the responsible party. More serious damage may necessitate the replacement of either parts or complete items but please remember that in the case of Made To Order products a lead time will apply and every effort will be made to communicate that to the retailer as early as possible. All claims should be addressed to [email protected] and should include the Company’s acknowledgement number, invoice number and, in addition to a clear description of the damage, photographs should be provided that clearly show the damage as well as the goods in their original packaging. Because deliveries are made by external hauliers, any damage to the packaging must be noted on the driver’s copy of the delivery paperwork, clearly indicating the reference of the item concerned.

CLAIMS FOR FAULTY GOODS – These should include the Company’s acknowledgement number, invoice number and any photographs that help to show the nature of the The natural materials used in the manufacturing process can have variations in colour, tone and grain pattern, which lend each piece of furniture its natural beauty and individual appearance. Because each piece is unique there will be cosmetic differences between display samples and ordered items, which cannot be seen as faults. The consumer’s expectations vis-a-vis the natural characteristics of solid wood, and the importance of its care and maintenance, are paramount to avoiding misunderstanding and disappointment. The process of manufacturing furniture involves both machining and handcrafting and so, even accounting for differences in the cosmetic appearance of the materials, slight variations in manufacturing may be apparent and again, these should not be viewed as faults.

DEALING WITH CLAIMS – The Company’s aim will always be to try to provide an initial response within 48 hours of receipt of a fully-reported Where a claim involves a technician’s visit, the Company will cover the cost of the visit should it be agreed that the problem is of a manufacturing nature. However, should the technician report otherwise, then the Buyer falls liable for covering the cost. If it is agreed there is a manufacturing fault or the quality falls below accepted standards, then the following potential solutions will apply:

If thought agreeable, a reasonable financial allowance will be offered on the understanding the consumer accepts the allowance in full and final settlement of the reported claim, OR

If agreed, an offer to despatch spare parts will be made but in so doing it will also have to be pre-agreed as to whose responsibility it is to fit/affix/apply them, OR

If the problem can be rectified or remedied locally, an offer to appoint a qualified technician to undertake the necessary work will be made and for those costs to be borne by the Company

Alternatively, and if the Buyer has their own service technicians, the Buyer may appoint their own qualified personnel to attend the matter albeit on the basis that any costs incurred are pre-agreed by both parties.

In some instances, the Company’s preference may be to appoint a member of their own team to undertake the required work, OR

If it is agreed that none of the above-mentioned options are workable, an offer to replace the affected product/s will be made. In this case every effort will be made to expedite the replacement, but no guarantees can be given in this regard. It is also accepted by the Company that the consumer can continue to use the affected product whilst awaiting delivery of its replacement.

COMPENSATION – Given the above and since every effort will be made to ensure complete consumer satisfaction, no requests for compensation can be Under exceptional circumstances and only if discussed and agreed in advance with the Company may compensation be considered if that it agreed to be instead of any remedial work.

DELIVERIES – The Company reserves the right to place on hold any pending deliveries should there be any ongoing or overdue amounts of money.

PAYMENT TERMS – 30 days net subject to successfully obtaining credit insurance on the retailer in If no credit insurance applies, then the only alternative is by pro forma payment at the time an order is placed.

If the Company’s terms of payment are not adhered to, the Company reserves the right to suspend despatches and, if default is made in payment, may, at the Company’s option, hold or cancel any order, or any undelivered part of any order without prior notification.

Payment shall be by electronic transfer to the Company’s designated bank account.

DEBITS – Debit notes raised without pre-agreement are unlikely to be Further, the Buyer is not entitled to withhold or set off payment for goods delivered for any reason whatsoever. Additionally, payments can only be withheld for products that are faulty, not for a full order that includes items that are not faulty. Debit notes cannot be offset against payments for other goods automatically. If that occurs, then all further deliveries will be placed on hold until the account has been reconciled.

PROPERTY – Notwithstanding delivery and the passing of risk in the goods to be supplied or any other provision of these Conditions, the property in such goods shall not pass to the Buyer while any sums of money are owed to the Company by the Buyer in respect of any goods supplied by the Company to the Buyer.

Until such time as the property in the said goods passes to the Buyer (and provided the goods are still in existence and have not be re-sold), the Company shall be entitled at any time to require the Buyer to deliver up the goods to the Company, and if the Buyer fails to do so without delay, to enter upon the premises of the Buyer or any third party, where the goods are stored, and repossess the goods.

RETURN OF GOODS – Once agreed by all parties, failure to make available any old, faulty or cancelled product for collection will entitle the Company to invoice for same. And under no circumstances is it acceptable for a retailer to dispose of said goods unless expressly agreed between all parties and agreed in writing.

All goods to be returned must be suitably packed by the Buyer before return. The Company may refuse to collect any goods which are not packed to its satisfaction or may make a charge for packing such goods.

LEGAL – Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Contract shall in all respects be construed and operated as an English Contract and in conformity with English law. The courts in England shall have exclusive jurisdiction on any matters arising out of these Terms and Conditions.

CLIENT DATA – Each party shall ensure that it complies with its obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as defined in the Company’s Schedules (available upon request) in relation to any personal data it supplies to the other party.

If the Buyer provides any personal data (as defined in the available Schedules to these Terms) to the Company or the Company processes any personal data on the Buyer’s behalf when performing the Services, the provisions of the schedules to these Conditions shall apply to the processing of such personal data.

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