About Us

Qualita is an established furniture manufacturer, already making cabinet furniture for major High Street players within the UK and abroad. Our factories are based in Lithuania, and at each stage of the manufacturing process we exercise a high level of quality control, guaranteeing that the products arrive without defects. We hold stocks in both Lithuania, and the UK at our own distribution centre, in London, from where we deliver nationwide. Our own team of carpenters deal with any queries and are able to rectify any problems that may occur, and we have a dedicated customer support team working from our office in Battersea, London.

Qualita Ltd is able to supply in bulk or can deliver as and when you sell to your customers. We offer a comprehensive range, or we can develop a specific range for you. We are also able to manufacture one off pieces on request. Delivery time for our own ranges would normally be no longer than 6-8 weeks. If you have a special order, it may take from 8 to 10 weeks to manufacture and deliver.

Our experienced team at Qualita has been in the manufacturing and wholesale business for over 14 years, and our presence in the UK, together with the excellent communication we have with our clients keeps us aware of emerging trends and design development. We know what sells and what does not, and what the consumer expects in terms of quality and functionality.

Qualita’s client base is wide and we supply all over Europe. Our client base in the UK illustrate that we supply high quality and design lead products, as well as meeting all the stringent requirements placed on us by different companies.

The website is designed to show you a range of products and give you an idea of the items we can supply. Product and delivery prices can be agreed on, depending on product design, quantity and buying frequency. We would welcome the opportunity to visit you, or invite you to our own showroom in London, in order that you can see the product at first hand, talk you through our procedures and understand your requirements. We would also like to invite you for a visit to our factory in Lithuania so that you see the scope and scale of production.

We thank you for taking your time to visit our website and we do look forward to hearing from you soon.

The principles of equality and diversity. The company ensures that the relationship between the employer and employees as well as workplace relationships are grounded in ethical norms, the principles of diversity and equality, the facets of conscientiousness, civil law, health, safety and environmental assurance and the obedience to the law.