Quality Oak, with added options

Published on: May 17, 2011

As well as supplying Laura Ashley, John Lewis and Heals with exclusive ranges, Qualita offers independent retailers three extensive oak ranges – Goliath, Sims and Eclipse. These come in a variety of finishes, including natural linseed oil, blonde oil, bleached and various lacquers, and colour options are available for each.

Quality oak, with added options

Goliath, a chunky living and dining range, is Qualita’s best-established and most popular offering. Goliath is available in A or B grade oak, conveying a clean, contemporary look or a rustic, even distressed feel respectively. It is also offered in a sand-blasted finish and is proving popular across the UK.

Sims, on the other hand, is minimalistic with clean, straight lines, and no extra details, not even a handle – just cut-outs. Sims is contemporary and appeals to younger clients. Most popular in a dark, stained finish, Sims covers dining, living and a small amount of office furniture.

Eclipse is the newest range on offer, and combines modern and chunky styles. Eclipse is available in oiled or clear satin lacquers as standard, and covers downstairs as well as upstairs pieces which are substantial and functional, yet pleasing to the eye.

Qualita plans to introduce bedroom pieces for Sims and Goliath this year, as well as adding more shelving units to the ranges, including modular options so end consumers can build their own storage solutions. Managing director Andrius Minicius says: “We have also had consistent requests for tops to go above sideboards, as the public is still buying into the dresser look.

“The plan is to have a few standard tops designed for the Goliath range over the next six months. Last but not least, we plan to offer Eclipse with oiled or lacquered tops and painted bases.

“Probably the most important thing that differs us from any otherUKsupplier is that we offer a completely bespoke service. All our existing ranges can be customised down to the last detail, including changes in dimensions, design, colour and finish, and all at a reasonable cost and lead time.

“For those retailers that want to take a step further, we offer a service where they can take a sketch from a client andemailit to us, and we will tell them if we can make it and what the price is, and then supply 3D images and manufacturing drawings – and eventually make the piece within eight weeks. Even John Lewis bought into this offer – they now have a table on the shop floor that they supply in over 140 different sizes.”

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